*Working together with individuals, families, groups and organizations*

* Supporting early intervention*

*Before & after school care*

*Pre-reading, pre-math, social & creative enrichment for children in the early years*

*Program and curriculum development*

* Collaborations between artists,

educators, community & cultural organizations*

*Festivals, Conferences, Special event support*

*Multicultural and intergenerational experiences*

Servicing the

Kansas City area and beyond 



Gail Forstater, M.Ed. 

I have been working in the the field of early childhood education for over 30 years and have always loved my work and interactions with children and families in community settings. With special studies in Early Childhood Education & Museum Education, and a Master's degree in Integrating the Arts in Education, I clearly see the necessity of providing positive, nurturing support to children and their families in the early years, as well as using diverse cultural resources to expand and improve the quality of our human connections and life experiences.

There is so much room for creativity, and lending a hand to parents and teachers to provide good care and healthy environments. My love for the arts and nature has been infused into these experiences.

I believe it is natural for children to learn through their play and creative expression. Therefore, I think it is important to provide them with the opportunity for open ended play, to explore, experiment and problem solve.